Abandoned Dev Says it Will Take Action Following Death- and Physical Threats; Asks ‘Fans’ to “Just” Give Them Space

Aernout van de Velde

Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios has taken to Twitter after the game has increasingly been receiving both death threats and physical threats.

From the looks of it, the situation surrounding the upcoming first-person horror survival game for PlayStation 5 (and eventually PC as well) is becoming grimmer by the day. A lot has been said and written about the controversial title, and back in August of this year, game designer Hasan Kahraman expressed that the game’s development has actually been negatively impacted by the ongoing rumors that his studio and game are, in fact, related to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill. Surely, the studio’s own teases and comments poured more fuel on the fire, but these rumors have caused a lot of distractions for the team.

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Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t appear to have gotten for Hasan and his team as the team has been receiving more and more threats, both online and in real life. In a new statement on Twitter, Blue Box Game Studios has now stated that action will be taken against those responsible. In addition, the studios asks fans to give them space in order to let them work on Abandoned.

“The following message is not addressed as a company, but as a group of human beings”, the message reads. “The last few days have been difficult. Death threats are increasing online, but unfortunately, also physically, and this has to stop. We have been dealing with these death threats the past few months and the last few days we have been dealing with it again, especially physically. This not only affects as a team but everyone within our environments. Other businesses, families, and everyone surrounding us. We want to work in a safe environment and with job openings upcoming in the future, we want to offer a safe work environment for future colleagues as well. We won’t tolerate this and we will take action by providing authorities IP addresses, logs, and camera footages.”

The statement continues, “We are fully aware of the negative situation that we have created and we truly understand your frustration. But what we don’t understand are the death threats. We understand and appreciate your interest in Abandoned, we are working hard on Abandoned. We will start a regular blog on our website that you can follow and we will post any news on Abandoned on our Twitter. But all we ask until then is just to give us space and let us work on Abandoned.


Quite the message from Blue Box and we honestly weren’t aware of these ongoing threats against the team. We can only support the studio and hope that this message will improve the situation surrounding Abandoned and its development team.

Abandoned is slated for a release on PlayStation 5 next year. The game will eventually also come to PC.

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