Abandoned PS5 Trailer App Required To Experience 4K Visuals, 3D audio & DualSense Features in Real-time; Launches on August 10th


The Abandoned PS5 trailer app will launch on August 10th and will be required to experience the next-gen features of the game's trailers in real-time.

Blue Box Games’ upcoming cinematic, first-person horror survival shooter remains shrouded in mystery. The title was officially announced back in April of this year, and although the Dutch development studio already debunked rumors about Hideo Kojima’s involvement with the project, many still believe that the title has something to do with Silent Hill. Whether there's truth to any of the recent rumors about the Dutch studio and its game remains to be seen, but it sure did attract some attention from the industry.

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Back in June, the studio behind the game announced that a PS5 app would be released that allows users to stream the title’s trailers in real-time, processed by the PS5. Unfortunately, the release of the app was delayed, but we now have a new release date – August 10th with the application becoming available for preload later this month on July 29th.

Why would PS5 users need this special new app for the game? Well, according to game designer and Blue Box Game Studios co-founder, Hasan Kahraman, it will be needed to experience the next-gen features of the game’s trailer in real-time.

“To experience the 4k60, graphics, 3D audio and DualSense features in realtime”, the game designer explained on Twitter.

We’re quite intriqued and will be checking out next month’s Abandoned trailer via the PS5 app.

What are your thoughts about this highly mysterious horror survival title from the Dutch studio? Hit the comments down below.

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Abandoned is coming to PlayStation 5 later this year. Blue Box Game Studios has confirmed that the game will eventually also release on PC.

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