Apple iPad Mini With 7 Inch IGZO Panels Rumored

It nearly has been two years since we have been hearing about a new tablet offering from Apple. Ironically, the company itself hasn't uttered a word about this elusive product. Much has been said, heard and written about the Apple iPad Mini. With Google announcing it's 7 inch offering, the aptly named Nexus 7, last week iPad Mini rumors have started cropping up online again. Today's report claims that Apple iPad Mini will be competing with Nexus 7 in the market and will reportedly be priced around the $249 to $299 mark.

We're aware of the fact that Apple kick started the tablet revolution back in 2010 with the original iPad. Since then, the market has viciously responded. Almost every other manufacturer has a tablet out, but none comes at par with the iPad. Apple iPad is the best tablet out there, so why would the company take a gamble on an entirely new form factor?

The gamble doesn't end there. The mid-range 7 inch tablet market is currently dominated by Amazon Kindle Fire. Soon enough, Nexus 7 will account for a major market share as well. Back in 2010, there wasn't such competition for the iPad. Every subsequent tablet after it was measured up against the iPad to see whether it was worth it's while. With the mid-range tablet market being so strong as it is, can Apple really afford to have it's iPad Mini compared with the likes of Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, to see if it is any good?

According to latest reports, the iPad Mini will actually tout a 7.85 inch screen, the panel for which will be provided by Sharp. The IGZO panels were said to have been disapproved by Apple for the third generation iPad, but now it seems these panels were meant for the iPad Mini. The company is it's tight lipped self as usual, for now we have to rely on mere rumors to ascertain whether iPad Mini is going to materialize or not. My two cents? It won't ever see the light at the tunnel's end. You're welcome to give yours down below.

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