2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro: Noticeably Thicker and Heavier


The rumors were true. The new 2021 iPad Pro is noticeably heavier and thicker when compared to the 2020 iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display.

2021 iPad Pro is ~40 Grams Heavier than the 2020 Model and Slightly Thicker to Accommodate the Mini LED Display

Apple has made some serious strides in the iPad Pro lineup by simply throwing in the M1 chip. Apart from that, the 12.9-inch model is now more tempting than ever thanks to the inclusion of the Mini LED display. It is super bright and is an amazing canvas for content creators.

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However, we were previously faced with a rumor that the inclusion of Mini LED will make the new iPad Pro slightly thicker, and that rumor turned out to be true. But that is not all, the 2021 iPad Pro is heavier as well.

In case you are wondering, the new 2021 iPad Pro is 6.4mm thick, or 0.25-inches. Whereas the 2020 iPad Pro is just 5.9mm thick, or 0.23-inches.

When it comes to weight, the new 2021 model weighs 682 grams for the Wi-Fi model and the 5G model weighs in at 685 grams. The 2020 iPad Pro is noticeably lighter at 641 grams for the Wi-Fi model and just 643 grams for the 4G LTE model.

While ~40 grams might not seem like a lot to some people out there, but you will feel the weight if you are planning to carry the iPad Pro around in your bare hands. Even my 2018 iPad Pro feels like a heavy tablet, despite being just 633 grams in weight for the 4G LTE model. Toss in the Magic Keyboard or the Smart Keyboard, you are essentially carrying around excess baggage. Not quite portable if you are considering the 2021 iPad Pro.

But again, given how great the display technology is and how much power Apple has managed to pack under the hood, some compromise had to be made, and it was in the weight and thickness department. Will I say Apple made the right call? Most defiantly. It is, after all, the best iPad Pro ever if you want to go all out in terms of raw power.