2020 iPad Pro Review Roundup Call the Tablet ‘Overkill’ and It’s ‘Built Like an Italian Racing Car’

Omar Sohail
2020 iPad Pro review roundup

With Apple lifting the embargo over the 2020 iPad Pro, there is a wave of reviews and unboxings that show the company’s newest tablet in the flesh. While the internals already make the slate a very powerful and portable computing machine, it’s the updated changes in the software that will help deliver that refined ‘notebook’ experience. Let us see what different YouTubers and major tech outlets have to say about Apple’s newest tablet in this 2020 iPad Pro review roundup.

Six Colors reports that while the new iPad Pro is excellent in terms of upgrades, and cameras if you’re coming from a 2018 iPad Pro, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be upgrading.

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“If you’ve been thinking about getting an iPad Pro, or if you’ve been using one of the first- or second-generation iPad Pro models, this product was made for you. But if you’re using a 2018 iPad Pro, you can give this iPad a pass. The difference between your 2018 model and today’s 2020 version are relatively minor, so unless you care about AR or having an ultrawide camera, you can hang tight for the next generation of iPad Pro.”

The Verge states that the iPad Pro is overkill and if you’re sure what you’re going to do with those cameras or the faster processor, then it’s the product for you. Otherwise, you’ll be more than satisfied picking up the base iPad or even the iPad Air.

“Unless you’re quite sure what you are going to do with these cameras, that LIDAR, or the faster processor, chances are you’d be equally served by the much-less expensive iPad Air — or even the base iPad. Neither of those iPads is as nice from a hardware perspective. But if you don’t need the extra power, saving hundreds of dollars is also nice.”

TechCrunch reviewer Matthew Panzarino believes that he won’t go back to a laptop given his style of work, which is really saying something about the new tablet.

“I loved the MacBook Air and have used several models of it to death over the years. There is no way, today, that I would choose to go back to a laptop given my style of work. It’s just too fast, too reliable and too powerful.

It’s insane to have a multi-modal machine that can take typing, swiping and sketching as inputs and has robust support for every major piece of business software on the planet — and that always works, is always fast and is built like an Italian racing car.”

Here Are Some 2020 iPad Pro Review Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure



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