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16-Inch MacBook Pro Launch Could Happen by End of October; Hefty Design Change & New Keyboard Reportedly Incoming


Apple is reportedly hosting an event later month and we could bear witness to the arrival of new iPad Pro models, as well as a redesigned MacBook Pro that could address all the problems of the current lineup. According to a fresh series of information, the 16-inch MacBook Pro launch is expected to take place later this month, and it talks about the changes Apple intends on bringing to the new machine, which we’ve heard countless times now.

Apple’s Manufacturing Partner Has Apparently Commenced Volume Shipments to Allow for an Early 16-Inch MacBook Pro Launch

A brand new report from DigiTimes reveals that Apple will commence the 16-inch MacBook Pro launch at the end of October. There is a little over a week remaining for the month to end, suggesting that Apple should announce something in the near future. As for how Apple will expedite the shipping process, DigiTimes reports that the company’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner Quanta has apparently started volume shipments of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Enable High Power Mode on M1 Max MacBook For a Major Performance Boost

A new and welcoming change expected from these shipments is a more reliable scissor switch keyboard, which Ming-Chi Kuo talked about earlier. Also, evidence found in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta reveals that Apple could launch the notebook in two color options, although if you look closely at the model, it doesn’t look all that different from the current-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Do keep in mind that to provide a 16-inch display on a notebook that measures diagonally, Apple will have to slim the bezels a little bit and previous reports indicate that the upcoming machine will tout the same footprint as a 15-inch MacBook Pro. We certainly hope Apple also upgrades the thermal design of the upcoming model, since this will make the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro launch all the more exciting for customers that want to experience raw performance in a thinner package.

What to Expect When Talking About the 16-Inch MacBook Pro’s Specifications?

Since Intel has yet to officially launch it’s 10nm Ice Lake processors for various partners, it’s possible that the 16-inch MacBook Pro specifications include the 9th-generation Coffee Lake chips, which can be configured up to a powerful 8-core beast. A separate leak claims that the upcoming laptop will also get a powerful 96W USB-C charger.

Due to all these changes, and potentially more, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to cost more than its 15-inch counterpart, with one rumor stating that it could start from $3000. We’ll still have to confirm the pricing details, and for that, we want you to stay tuned for future updates, which we’ll deliver to our readers in a timely fashion.

News Source: DigiTimes