16-inch MacBook Pro Will Feature AMD Radeon RX 5500M GPU Suggests Rumor

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2019 MacBook Pro; 9to5Mac

Throughout this year, it has been reported that Cupertino tech giant Apple will launch an upgraded MacBook Pro soon. Evidence for the notebook has been present inside MacOS Catalina, and even Apple's supply chain has reported that components for the notebook have started to move inside the chain. So, evidence for the laptop's existence is building up, despite Apple having missed the rumored launch date of October 30th. With these details in mind, take a look at an alleged image of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, shared with the good folks over at MacRumors.

16-inch MacBook Pro Alleged Image Shows Redesigned Function Area, Thinner Bezels

Apple's MacBooks, as we've stated earlier, stand out for their design. While the company has been rightly accused in the past of neglecting the needs of professional users for the sake of concentrating its resources on the iPhone, it has changed this approach recently. Apple's made the iPad Pro a serious tablet for serious users, and through upgrading the 16-inch MacBook Pro with octa-core Intel Core i9 processors earlier this year, the company also satiated concerns for its premium notebooks lacking in power.

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Now, with reports building up for a MacBook Pro redesign, we've got the first alleged image of Apple's new sixteen-inch form factor for the notebook. The MacBook Pro is the only notebook out there that's got an OLED strip for the function bar, and Apple will finally upgrade this area with the upcoming laptop.

Image sent to MacRumors

The image fished out and sent to MacRumors relates to Apple Pay use on the MacBook Pro. apple's decision to introduce Touch ID on its laptops has allowed the company to introduce a highly secure method to validate financial transactions. However, since Touch ID is a part of the Touch Bar on current MacBook Pro models, careless usage often leads to the sensor not performing optimally. Additionally,  while Apple's professional and prosumer users can adjust themselves to using the function keys, the Escape button is a fundamental part of a laptop that can't be relegated to a function strip that might malfunction.

Apple's kept these problems in mind, and today's image (marked 'likely fake'* by MacRumors) shows that both Touch ID and the Escape key will not be a part of Touch Bar on the 16-inch laptop. Additionally, the image isn't the only rumored share made by MacRumors' anonymous tipster. According to the individual, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be equipped by either a Radeon RX 5300M or 5500M GPU.

Both are based on AMD's 7nm Navi architecture and feature the Navi 14 chip. AMD introduced the RX 5500 earlier this year. The mobility variant of the GPU will be limited to 4GB memory and it features a 158mm² die with 6.4 billion transistors. It's one of the latest graphics chips around, and if Apple hurries up with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, then the company will have lured a lot of users in its fold, then if it launches the laptop later.

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*Quoting MacRumors:

A couple of additional hints, including the "Touch ID to pay Apple" text taken from a similar image asset for the 13-inch MacBook Pro not matching the North Face website taken from a version of the asset for the MacBook Air, suggest that this is very likely a fake.

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