New MacBook Pro Will Upgrade Touch Bar And Touch ID In Critical Security Change

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16-Inch MacBook Pro Launch Could Happen by End of October, Slim Bezels & New Keyboard Reported

Throughout this year, we've been hearing reports of a new MacBook Pro from Apple. The company's laptops are some of the sleekest and thinnest notebooks around, and in a serious boost to performance, with the 2019 variants, Apple introduced an octa-core Intel Core i9 processor on 15-inch MacBook Pro. The company's previous experiment with the i9 chip didn't work as well as it has this year, as throttling reports of the 2018 MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 started to surface soon after the notebook's launch.

Now, looks like while Apple might not upgrade the 16-inch MacBook Pro this month, the company definitely does have a product in the pipeline. Today we've got a small detail for the laptop that will please many users. Take a look below for more.

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16 Inch MacBook Pro Will Separate Its Power Button & Touch ID Sensor From Touch Bar

Not only are Apple's MacBooks some of the sleekest laptops in the market, but they're also the only one to seamlessly replace a function key row with an OLED strip. Additionally, the company's custom T2 chip is responsible for securing the MacBook Pro's storage from unauthorized access.

Access to the storage depends on the MacBook's Touch ID sensor working, and if this sensor fails, then the users start to suffer. With the rumored 2016 MacBook Pro it looks as if Apple is cognizant of this reality. So believe the good folks over at 9to5Mac, who've made an interesting discovery in Mac OS 10.15.1 today.

An icon found in the release version of the operating system shows that Apple will separate the Touch ID sensor from the Touch Bar on the laptop. This icon was later removed from the release build of MacOS 10.15.1, states Guilherme Rambo, who made the discovery.

Courtesy: 9to5Mac

This discovery comes in light of a report that surfaced late yesterday suggesting that the notebook's launch has now been delayed. The basis of the information is, yet again, Apple's Taiwanese supply chain. The sources believe that longtime Apple supply chain partner Winstron will supply scissor-switch keyboard parts for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Winstron also manufacturers the current butterfly switch keyboard present on all 2016-onward variants of the Macbook Pros. This keyboard has become notorious for switch failures, but Apple has repeatedly assured users that the amount of defects is statistically insignificant.

The new keyboard mechanism will have longer travel time, and Apple will strive hard to make it as dust-proof as possible. A larger form factor will also leave the company more room to play with cooling, and if we're lucky, then Apple will provide a big boost to the MacBook Pro's processors. The current high-end laptops from Apple run on ninth-generation Intel processors.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below an stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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