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Perhaps one of the best things that happened at this year’s Google I/O conference in San Fran – which by the way ran like a marathon, ugh! – is the brilliant new Android L. While we still do not even know the name of the upcoming Android L, a complete design overhaul was hugely expected this year from Google.

Keeping in line with Material Design, also showcased at I/O 2014, Google promises to give us an Android experience which is robust, cleaner and will help better the battery scenario. From power consumption to notifications, everything is being taken care Android L

This year’s going-to-be best Android L will not be in our hands till far. The Android L preview is available for developers to make the most of it and create beautiful apps that match the entire L experience. While they do their thing, here is one easy way to get that pizzaz of Android L. Download Android L wallpapers, which are drop-dead gorgeous landscapes and digital abstract art, and get that zing of the upcoming Android experience.

Download Android L wallpapers:

Artists have really gone awesome with these Android L wallpapers keeping the entire look with Material Design philosophy. The idea of Material Design and thus Android L is to add more perspective, layered and immersed feel to the Android L


You can download this bundle of beautiful Android L wallpapers from this direct link: download Android L wallpapers.

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