AMD’s Flagship E-Series Kabini APU is E1 3110 – 10% Faster than Bobcat

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Kabini APU

Fudzilla has been providing key details of AMD’s upcoming Richland and Kabini APU (Accelerated Processing Units). The latest report from the site suggests that the flagshp E-Series Kabini APU would be the E1 3110, with Kabini APU being 10 percent faster than Bobcat.

AMD E1 3110 – Flagship E-Series Kabini APU

It was detailed how Kabini would get X series and E series branding with X4 5110 being the flagship X-Series Kabini APU, E1 3110 being the flagship E-Series Kabini APU and E1 2110 being a low power APU. The E-Series chips are built for low-power desktops and AMD is also preparing tablet and Ultrabook versions of these chips. According to reports, both Kabini APUs are slated for launch in June 2013 whereas production starts around March-April 2013.

The E1 3110 Kabini APU comes with a 15W TDP and features the latest HD 8240G graphics chips. It is presumable a dual-core chip since past Brazos E-series models were Dual-cores too.


Fudzilla also provides key details of Performance of the Kabini APU in particular which in 10 percent better than Bobcat architecture. The details are actually given off by Jeff Rupley, head of Jaguar development at AMD who is shown in a Q&A video posted below:

Jeff tells in the video that the new Kabini APU Jaguar architecture delivers more than a 10-percent frequency gain compared to Bobcat and IPC performance gain of around 15% with the new core architecture.

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Furthermore, AMD has Richland APUs planned for 2013 too which would get the A10-6800K as the flagship APU.

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