AMD ”Kabini” Unreleased SKUs E1-2150 and A4-5050 Spotted in the Wild

A spec sheet of the HP 245G2 and 255G2 Laptops included something very interesting: previously unrevealed models of the AMD's Kabini line of APUs. The models are the Dual Core E1-2150 and the Quad Core A4-5050 respectively.

AMD Kabini Quad Core A4-5050 and Dual Core E1-2150 Found in Spec Sheet.

Kabini has quickly trickled into a very select niche of low power graphic products that have low - medium gaming needs. A common example is the Tango PC and nano-boxes which utilize the AMD Kabini APU to great effect. It is for this reason that the discovery of previously unreleased APUs is eye-raising, and poses the question whether AMD is creating custom tailored SKUs for OEMs.

Back in January AMD revealed the lineup of Kabini which included the Dual Core E1-2200, Quad Core E2-3800 and A4-5100. The E2-3800 now ships with the HP Pavilion 23-g010 All-in-one-pc. However the specs file of the HP 245 G2 and 255 G2 contains something very interesting. Two SKUs that have not been released yet.  Here is the relevant spec page:

AMD Kabini APUs SpottedThe E1-2150 has a cpu clock of 1.05 Ghz and 2 Cores with 1 MB of L2 Cache. It uses HD 8210 as the integrated gpu. The A4-5050 has a cpu clock of 1.55 Ghz and 4 Cores with 2MB of last level cache. It supports DDR3L-1600 Memory and has a Power envelope of just 13 Watt. The branding of the A4-5050 as an "HP" product also hints at the fact that it might be an HP-Only OEM product. The E1-2150 has 50 more Mhz than the E1-2100 and similarly the A4-5050 is 50 Mhz faster than the A4-5000.

Model Cores Frequency L2 cache Graphics Memory TDP
E1-2150 2 1.05 GHz 1 MB HD 8210
A4-5050 4 1.55 GHz 2 MB HD 8330 DDR3L-1600 13.5 Watt

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