AMD FX-8350 Cracks 8 GHz Frequency Barrier With All Cores Enabled

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Oct 25, 2012
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Korean overclocker NAMEGT has done what seemed to look impossible by overclocking AMD’s recently launched FX-8350 processor past the 8 GHz barrier and that with all of its eight cores enabled. Last week, the AMD FX CPU was overclocked to 7.443 MHz but that was only with 2 Cores enabled.

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AMD FX-8350 Overclocked to 8176.5 MHz:

AMD’s FX-8350 was launched this week along with the complete FX-Vishera 2012 lineup. At stock the chip runs at 4.0 GHz and can Turbo upto 4.2 GHz, overclocking the chip beyond the 8 GHz barrier with all eight cores enabled is a mighty undertaking. The chip recorded a frequency of 8176.5 MHz at a voltage of 1.932V which was definitely achieved by the good old LN2 cooling. The overclocking was made possible with ASUS’s Crosshair Formula-Z Motherboard which is their flagship AM3+ motherboard.

The overclock shows that not only the FX-8350 but the complete Vishera lineup are built for overclockers looking to crack some huge frequency numbers. You can check out the CPU-Z validation here, and HWBot certification here. For more information of AMD’s Vishera, Visit the article here.

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