Zoom Will No Longer Be Used in Taiwan for Government Use

Furqan Shahid
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Zoom, the video and audio calling service that has gone viral after the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most used services around the world. However, lately, it has been under some fire due to privacy concerns. Ever since news broke out that Zoom's end-to-end encryption is shoddy at best, things have not been looking good for the service.

We reported how Elon Musk's SpaceX has banned the use of Zoom for any work purposes. Followed by more news as to how Zoom's keys are generated from servers in China even if the users are based in some other country altogether. Needless to say, the service is in hot waters at the time of writing.

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The recent report comes from Taiwan where the government has banned Zoom for any government use.

Taiwan Suspends the Use of Zoom in Government Agencies and Select Organizations

The ban has put in the effect by Taiwan's Department of Cyber Security, and as per the report, Zoom will no longer be used in government agencies as well as specific non-government organizations. Every service associated with Zoom, be it hardware or software is entirely suspended due to the security risk it poses.

Additionally, based on the Cyber Security Management Act that was put in place last year, government agencies should prioritize software or hardware that has been developed domestically or the ones that are provided by contractors that have been selected by the government.

Moreover, the report suggests that agencies and organizations have been instructed to use alternatives for such communications following the work from home situation. Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, as well as Cisco WebEX services are the few that were suggested to be used instead of Zoom.

As we stated before, this is not the first time that Zoom has come under the scrutiny related to privacy concerns. The founder did state that the company is currently looking into addressing these concerns but until they are dealt with, the backlash is something that the company will have to deal with.


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