Zoom Video Conferencing is Speeding its Way to Tesla

Furqan Shahid
Zoom Video Conferencing is Speeding its Way to Tesla

During the pandemic, Zoom has become a lot more useful to a lot of us. Everyone from students to business professionals relied heavily on Zoom, and now as we are coming out of the pandemic, Zoom still stands tall. That is more evident than before, considering how the service is now making its way to Tesla vehicles.

If you own a Tesla, there is good news for you as Zoom will soon make its way to the car as a video conferencing tool for those who are on the go. Drivers will be able to participate in video and audio calls without having to use their phones.

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You Will Soon be Able to Make or Join Zoom Calls Straight from Your Tesla

Natasha Walia, Zoom's Group Product Manager announced this during the Zoomtopia 2022 event that took place yesterday. The company even showed a new video of how this service works on the Model Y

Based on the demonstration, Zoom would be making use of the in-cabin camera that is found above the rearview mirror. Normally, this camera is utilized by the car to monitor the driver, especially in times when the autopilot system is turned on.

You can check the video below:

The cabin camera is there to monitor the driver's attentiveness and also allows the vehicle to deliver audible alerts. However, with Zoom's integration, the question is how both of the features will work in tandem. If not in tandem, then this could mean that you might have to have your car stationary in order to attend to the cars.

Neither of the companies announced the official details of when Zoom will be speeding its way to Tesla vehicles, but we do know that this feature is going to make things a lot more convenient for those who are always on the go or in a hurry. Here is hoping that there are some safety features associated as well, as the risks of talking and driving are always scary.

Are you looking forward to having Zoom on your Tesla, or is it just a feature that makes no sense? Let us know your thoughts. 

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