Zoom’s Encryption is Tied to China, Raises More Concerns


A few days ago we revealed how Zoom's end-to-end encryption is not actually what users would expect from such kind of encryption as the company still had the ability to access the calls taking place. Followed by that news, SpaceX issued a statement that they are banning the use of Zoom, and their workers will now rely on emails, texts, and phone calls to conduct any business.

Needless to say, Zoom was already in hot waters as the service is now being used all over the world because of the work from home situation, and in these dire times, a service having shoddy business practices is not viable for the company at all.

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Researcher's Claim that Zoom's Encryption Keys are Often Issued by Servers in China

The research was done by the people at the University of Toronto and as per the findings, it turns out that some of the encryption keys were issued by servers that were located in China, despite all the participants residing in North America.

The researchers also discovered that Zoom has protection for audio and video content through in-house encryption. The research reveals that there is a vulnerability that is in Zoom's waiting room feature, and not just that, the company also happens to have about 700 employees in China that are working across three subsidiaries.

As per the conclusion of the report, at the time of writing, Zoom is not secure or suited for secret meetings, at all. However, you have to keep that in mind that the service is not just being used by high profile companies, it is also being used by schools and colleges to conduct online classes.

So, in conclusion, who exactly is safe at this point? Well, in a cynical world, no one. However, given the dire times, Zoom could almost be called a necessary evil, while companies would want to stop using Zoom altogether, The same, however, cannot be said for schools and colleges.

Although the issue is big, it is not something that cannot be fixed. However, Zoom will have to start looking at it closely. In one of our previous posts, we did talk about how the founder Eric Yuan did issue a statement that they are currently looking into sorting out the issues that are arising. However, we are still waiting to see just how far this issue can be taken care of.


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