Zagg is Working on an AirPower-like Qi Wireless Charger with Same Features

Apple’s AirPower project could be given new life thanks to the latest patent

According to a newly published report, Zagg is working on an AirPower like Qi-wireless charger with the same features Apple envisioned for its ill-fated charging pad.

Zagg Looking to Achieve with its Own Wireless Charger Which Apple Had Envisioned with AirPower

With the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple managed to grab the attention of its audience with the announcement of its own take on a wireless charging mat called the AirPower. The idea was simple; you get a large charging surface allowing you to charge multiple devices at once. So you can toss your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch on top and they will start juicing up immediately and altogether. Thanks to the unearthly number of coils inside AirPower, you don't even have to worry getting the position right in order to start charging. Place your device in any orientation or position and it will just charge up like magic. The problem? Lots of interference and overheating, something which Apple couldn't overcome and scrapped the idea altogether.

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Fast forward to this day and it seems as though Zagg is looking to pick up where the AirPower left off. The company told Bloomberg that it is attempting to recreate the AirPower's promise of charging multiple devices that too without worrying about orientation and placement on top of the charging mat. Keep in mind that Mophie already makes wireless chargers that support multiple devices, but its new product will take everything to new heights as the issue of 'correct position' will be removed.

There are a lot of questions which we have at this point. Has Zagg managed to solve the overheating issues which Apple was facing with AirPower? Or is Zagg going with a design that is completely different from what Apple had in mind. Furthermore, will this product be able to charge the Apple Watch too?

Zagg says that it is currently gathering feedback about the product from different retailers before it actually goes into production. So we have no pricing or release window at hand at the time of writing.

We will update our readers as soon as we have more development on this so stay tuned.

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