Ys IX Monstrum Nox To Feature Adol At His Oldest Age So Far; Development Is 50% Complete

Francesco De Meo
Ys IX Monstrum Nox

New details have come in on Ys IX Monstrum Nox, the new entry in the long-running series by Falcom currently in development for PlayStation 4.

The new information comes straight from Nihon's president Toshihiro Kondo, who spoke about the game on the latest issue of Famitsu, translated by Twitter user BlackKite. According to the developer, Ys IX Monstrum Nox will star Adol Christin once again, but he will be at his oldest age seen so far, so it's been confirmed that the game will take place after Ys VII, whose events are currently the latest in the series' timeline.

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Kondo has also confirmed that the game will feature the party system seen in the most recent entries in the series. Additionally, it's also been confirmed that all party members will come with Superpower Actions based on Monstrum's supernatural abilities that will allow players to run on walls or move as a shadow. With these abilities, it seems like the game will feature more puzzles than usual.

The Drifting Village system introduced in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will also make a comeback in an extended form. This system will be used to manage the guild.

Lastly, Kondo confirmed that development is currently 50% complete. The game is still scheduled for a 2019 release, but it seems like the release will be coming later in the year.

Ys IX Monstrum Nox launches on PlayStation 4 in Japan this year. The game has yet to be confirmed for North America and Europe.

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