You Can Buy Replacement AirPods Pro Ear Tips Directly From Apple

AirPods Pro replacement ear tips now being sold by Apple

Lost your current AirPods Pro ear tips? Apple will sell you a replacement for just $7.99 straight from its website and stores.

Apple's AirPods Pro Ear Tips Replacement Will Cost You $7.99 From Apple, Comes in Three Sizes in a Pack of 2 for $7.99

AirPods Pro ship with extra ear tips in the box in case you want to get a better fit for your ear. There is also a high chance that you might actually end up losing those tips because they are so darn small. And if you do manage to pull off that unwanted feat, then you can rest assured that you can buy new ear tips for your AirPods Pro straight from Apple.

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Before you rush over to Apple's website and order them, there is something you should know first. They come in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large. And once you choose which size you want, you'll get a 2-pack in that particular size which you ordered. There is no combination in which you can buy all three sizes together. You have to spend $24 in total if you want to replace all the ear tips you have lost. So please, make sure you are ordering the correct size before you hit the checkout button, until or unless you need to get the extra ear tips as a replacement 'just in case.'

It's actually somewhat surprising that Apple took a while to sell these ear tips on their website and store. But now that they are finally selling them, you are $7.99 away from getting an official replacement without having to dig deep into places like Amazon or even AliExpress.

Head over to Apple's website right now and place your order. The tips will ship within one business day and are available right away.

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