XPG Announces The XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 Memory Module Featuring A Sleek Aesthetic With A High Clock Speed Of 4133MHz


The gaming brand of Adata, XPG, provides high-performance solutions for gaming systems and peripherals. Today, XPG announced the XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 memory module. This new memory module features a sleek design. It is a dark, almost black, and edgy module which will surely improve the aesthetic of your system. Alongside a better-looking PC, these new modules also well increase the performance of your system.

A Sleek, RGB Free Design Alongside High-Quality Components And Easy Overclocking

These new memory modules feature a sleek design alongside performance boosts. The clock speeds on these new memory modules start at 3200MHz for the base model and the highest performance has a clock speed of 4133MHz. The timings of these memory modules vary from CL16-20-20 for the 3200MHz modules, CL18-20-20 for the 3600MHz, and CL19-20-20 for the 4133MHz modules. The voltage of the 3200MHz and 3600MHz is the same at 1.35V while the voltage for the 4133MHz comes in at a slightly higher voltage of 1.4V.

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Through verification testing done in conjunction with various motherboard makers, the GAMMIX D20 works optimally with the latest AMD platforms. The GAMMIX D20 has full XMP 2.0 compatibility to make overclocking effortless when installed on PCs that also support XMP 2.0: better performance, fewer steps needed. The modules vary in sizes from 8GB to a large capacity of 32GB.

The aesthetic on the GAMMIX D20 provides an alternative for people who are not looking for the flashy RGB option commonly seen in most systems. The surface of the heatsink is an anodized metal and it features an X-shaped design as well. The RAM almost seems like a sleek suit of armor. It is stealthy, but powerful being built on a high-quality PCB. The construction of the GAMMIX D20 maintains XPG's high performance and quality standards.

The XPG GAMMIX D20 is a high-quality option for those looking at a memory module that features a sleek and RGB free aesthetic whilst backing it with great performance. The memory modules are also compatible with AMD making them great for any build.