ADATA XPG CASTER DDR5 DRAM memory series revealed with insanely fast 7000 Mbps speeds

ADATA XPG CASTER DDR5 DRAM memory series revealed with insanely fast 7000 Mbps speeds

ADATA XPG unveiled their newest CASTER DDR5 memory series, with options for RGB lighting and an amazing 7000 Mbps rating, and a 16GB memory capacity. The XPG CASTER memory is manufactured with an On-Die ECC and PMIC for higher levels of reliability and stability. XPG is known for its exceptional computer components, peripherals, and PC systems aimed at gamers, enthusiasts, and eSports players.

ADATA's XPG brand offers even more DDR5 DRAM memory for 2022, reaching higher compatibility with Intel's Alder Lake CPUs

The company's newest DDR5 DRAM offering is two times more efficient than their previous generation's DDR4 DRAM. The ADATA XPG CASTER DDR5 memory modules offer high-speed data transfer rates, allowing users to access a higher-level gaming experience. Intel XMP 3.0 helps to support overclocking with its ease of access by avoiding troublesome BIOS configurations and constant adjustments of varying parameters during overclocking. The On-Die ECC on the XPG CASTER DDR5 offers real-time error correction while the Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) promote better stability and continued reliability of use.

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ADATA XPG CASTER DDR5 DRAM memory series revealed with insanely fast 7000 Mbps speeds

Decked with steel gray heatsinks, a noticeable and aesthetically pleasing triangular RGB light, and futuristic shaping, ensuring that consumers will feel the speed of their DDR5 DRAM while having an increased level of style and sophistication. The RGB lighting is 100% customizable, allowing the DDR5 memory to react to music via the Music Mode or varying effects through the included motherboard's controls.

This announcement follows the launch of their XPG LANCER DDR5 DRAM, available with 16GB memory, 5200 Mbps, and offering both single-channel and dual-channel kits. Next year, XPG is planning on releasing in the LANCER family a 6000 Mbps version. XPG is adding to the DDR5 market since the release of Intel's Alder Lake family of processors for not only new next-gen technologies, but also a higher level of efficiency of computer components in smaller form factors than previous generational options for consumers, gamers, and OC enthusiasts.

XPG is also set to release the brand-new XPG HUNTER DDR5 DRAM at a later date in 2022. The ADATA XPG HUNTER DDR5 memory is the next-gen version of the company's current XPG HUNTER DDR4 DRAM series but will showcase not only the improved performance of 5200 Mbps, but also an updated heatsink design to follow suit with their various next-gen offerings for 2022.

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