Xiaomi Mi4c Vs LG G4: Everything You Need To Know Between The Snapdragon 808 Giants

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After the official announcement of Xiaomi Mi4c, guess the next handset that it is going to create problems for? Being a Snapdragon 808 smartphone, LG G4 has just gained a brand new rival. However, how will the sub-$300 hold up against the handset that has the same chipset and RAM as the Chinese OEM’s latest mobile offering. Let us taking a closer of how well Xiaomi Mi4c stacks against the South Korean’s flagship smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi4c Vs LG G4: Hardware Specification Differences

Display Size And Resolution

Apart from sporting a Snapdragon 808 and 3GB of RAM, (the $289.85 model of Xiaomi Mi4c listed on Geek Buying is one that features 3GB of RAM), there are a ton of differences between Xiaomi Mi4c and LG G4. Starting off, G4 has a phablet sized form factor thanks to its 5.5 inch screen compared to the 5.0 inch present on Xiaomi Mi4c. Both handsets might feature the same type of display (IPS LCD), but G4 radiates a much higher resolution (1440p) than Xiaomi Mi4c (1080p), which is not necessarily a better feature due to a ‘higher battery consumption’ drawback.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
Display typeIPS LCDIPS LCD
Screen size5.0 inch5.5 inch
Resolution1920 by 10802560 by 1440

Battery Capacities

A major portion of Xiaomi’s efforts lies in incorporating large battery capacities in its smartphones. On this occasion, Mi4c has a 3,080mAh cell, which is slightly larger than the 3,000mAh pack present in its newly formed rival. If LG G4 would sport the same resolution as Xiaomi Mi4c, then it would have been safe to ignore this feature, but looking at how the former is also exuding a resolution of 1440p, its competitor will effortlessly be able to provide more battery life to the user. You can upgrade the battery by purchasing a Mophie 3,450mAh external battery case for your G4, but that would mean shelling out $99.99, which is not exactly the most resourceful of decisions to be made by a smartphone consumer, since the overall charge capacity of batteries are reduced with each passing year.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
Battery typeLithium IonLithium Ion
Battery capacity3,080mAh3,000mAh

Wireless Connectivity

Both Xiaomi Mi4c and LG G4 feature an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip which is quite impressive if we talk about the Chinese handset because there are not many affordable smartphones available that come with a high-performing adapter. Unfortunately, G4 has a Cat 6 LTE modem, whereas Mi4c only has a Cat 4 LTE chip, which was obviously incorporated in order to compensate for its low price tag. Despite the fact that most smartphone users will not be able to take complete advantage of Cat 6 LTE speeds, there are those form of consumers who want the best of everything present in their handsets. All wireless chips details have been summarized in the table below.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
LTE modemCat 4 LTE (150Mbps download speed/50Mbps upload speed)Cat 6 LTE (300Mbps download speed/50Mbps upload speed)
BluetoothBT 4.1BT 4.1
Infrared portYesYes

Charging Ports

Keeping on track with the latest technological changes, Xiaomi Mi4c features a Type-C USB port while LG G4 has a MicroUSB port. Having a Type-C USB port has several advantages; high transfer speeds are one of the biggest changes that have been implemented into this particular form of port. However, some users who were skeptical about purchasing this smartphone because a Type-C USB port is not compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 can bury their worries forever because Xiaomi Mi4c does support this feature and the company has also bundled a compatible charger with the packaging.

While OnePlus 2 might also have the same port, it was incompatible with Quick Charge 2.0. Glad to see that one Chinese smartphone OEM was wise enough not to let this crucial feature slip by.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
Charging portType-C USB MicroUSB
Compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0YesYes

Camera Sensor

According to the information present on Xiaomi Today, the camera sensor present in Xiaomi Mi4c is an IMX258 belonging to Sony, while the G4’s camera sensor comprises of IMX234 that has been combined with LG’s own lens in order to produce one of the best smartphone shooters on the planet, according to a report conducted by DxOMark. Additionally, G4 also has more megapixels cramped into its smartphone; 3MP more than what is present on Xiaomi Mi4c.

The front camera of LG’s flagship smartphone is an 8MP sensor, while Mi4c only packs a 5MP snapper. In short we are going to hand this round to LG since it has clearly dominated in this category. All the differences between the camera sensors of both handsets have been placed in the table below.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
Camera sensor modelSony IMX258Sony IMX234
Rear camera 13MP16MP
Front camera5MP8MP
4K video recording capabilities Not confirmedYes
Maximum image resolution4128 x 3096 pixels 5312 x 2988 pixels
Other featuresPhase detection autofocus

Dual-LED (dual tone) flash


Touch focus face/smile detection


Laser autofocus

Optical image stabilization

LED flash

Simultaneous video and image recording


Face detection



This is one category where Xiaomi skimps out on when the subject of its high-end mobile products are taken into account. Even after the company’s Vice President Hugo Barra states that a MicroSD card slot and removable battery and not a part of the firm’s high-end smartphone portfolio because it compromises on quality and performance, it’s obviously a clever way to reduce costs and increase margins.

On this occasion, the highest storage model of Xiaomi Mi4c features the same amount of on-board memory as LG G4, with the only difference being that the latter allows users to expand their storage up to 2,080GB of storage, according to the details present on the company’s website. In short, if you absolutely and positively want a Snapdragon 808 device that features a removable card slot and if you are not short on cash, then LG G4 is your best bet.

Pricing Difference

This where Xiaomi Mi4c beats LG G4 by a mile away. According to the pricing details listed on Amazon, the cheapest unlocked G4 that you can get your hands on will set you back by $437.99, while the highest performing model of Xiaomi Mi4c can easily be purchased for $289.85 from Geek Buying. The smart thing to do would be to purchase the Chinese manufacturer’s latest smartphone offering if you are the kind of person who wants to make a sensible purchase. However, if you are going to take thorough advantage of a better camera sensor as well as a 2TB expandable storage flexibility, then it would be a good idea to increase your budget and go for a G4.

All Hardware Differences That You Needed To Know Between Xiaomi Mi4c And LG G4

Now that we have covered each and every aspect between Xiaomi Mi4c and LG G4, given below is a table that summarizes all of the primary hardware differences between the two devices so that you can easily expedite your purchasing decision.

 Xiaomi Mi4cLG G4
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 808Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
Processor2 x Cortex-A57 running at 1.82GHz

4 x Cortex-A53 running at 1.44GHz
2 x Cortex-A57 running at 1.82GHz

4 x Cortex-A53 running at 1.44GHz
RAM2GB (for the 16GB storage model)

3GB (for the 32GB storage model)
Internal storageComes in the 16 an 32GB models32GB
External storage N/AUp to 2TB via MicroSD card slot
Battery capacity 3,080mAh3,000mAh
LTE modemCat 4 LTECat 6 LTE
BluetoothBT 4.1BT 4.1
Infrared portYesYes
Camera sensorSony IMX258Sony IMX234
Rear camera 13MP16MP
Front camera5MP8MP
Charging port Type-C USBMicroUSB
Price $239.85 for 16GB model (lowest price listed on Geek Buying)

$289.85 for 32GB model (lowest price listed on Geek Buying)
$437.99 (lowest price listed on Amazon)

After looking at Xiaomi Mi4c, we have to say that the device is no doubt impressive, given the fact that you are getting a sub-$300 Snapdragon 808 smartphone with 3GB of RAM and a bunch of other goodies. However, there are other categories where the company was forced to make some trade-offs and unfortunately, they happen to be some crucial features; features that LG G4 excels in greatly. Starting off, no MicroSD card slot in an Android smartphone is just begging you to stay away from it and another important thing that the company should have done was incorporate a much better camera sensor.

Despite the aforementioned limitations, Xiaomi Mi4c is still a great smartphone for the price you are getting it for and we will be compiling a nice performance comparison between it and other high-end devices just to see how well it stacks up against them. Would you and would you not like to have Xiaomi’s newly announced smartphone as an item present on your bucket list? Let us know your thoughts right away.

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