Xiaomi Mi4c Leaked To Come With Even More Internal Storage Than Previous Two Models

Omar Sohail

It was earlier reported that Xiaomi Mi4c is going to carry a price of less than $250, which is a steal of a deal considering that you will get a smartphone running a Snapdragon 808 chipset in it. However, the rising tech star has another surprise waiting for its loyal army of consumers, which you will find out soon enough.

Xiaomi Mi4c Is Also Going To Come With 64GB Of Internal Storage – See The Details Here

According to a source close to the matter, Xiaomi Mi4c is going to be shipped out in both the 16 and 32GB models. The 16GB model is going to be running 2GB of RAM, while the larger storage model is going to come running with 3GB of RAM. However, perhaps the biggest surprise that we have come across is that there is going to be a 64GB internal storage model available for customers. The source has not stated anything regarding the amount of RAM present in this particular version, so we will just stick to our guts and believe that it will come with 3GB RAM as well.

Other specification details include a 5 inch screen with a resolution measuring at 1080p. There is going to be a 3,080mAh battery present and since the chipset running inside Xiaomi Mi4c is Snapdragon 808, an LTE modem is also going to be incorporated in it. Moving on, one critical feature present in the handset is that unlike the remaining Xiaomi smartphone lineup, Mi4c is probably going to be the first to feature a Type-C USB port.

Not only is this particular port able to speed charge the mobile device, but it will also increase data transfer speeds, something that smartphone users desperately needed. With Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 feature, Xiaomi Mi4c will immediately have its battery level spike up to 60 percent in a matter of 30 minutes. Coming to the pricing details of the upcoming smartphone, the source states that the 32GB model is going to retail for 1,499 Yuan, which makes it equal to $235 USD.

What this means is that 16GB model could be priced at 1,299 Yuan, or $204 USD, while the highest storage model will be slightly more expensive than the 32GB version. Unfortunately, we do not have the pricing details of this model, but if this leak quickly emerged, then you can rest assured that we will also come across the pricing leak shortly.


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