Xiaomi CEO Wants to Know if Customers Will Buy a $1,500 Phone From the Company


We crossed the $1,000 price barrier for smartphones a couple of years ago, and the more premium these handsets got, the more money we’d have to fork over to get them. Many customers thought a company like OnePlus would continue providing fans with flagships for a competitive price, but you all can see how well that transition has gone. However, one phone maker that continues to provide impressive specifications for an attractive price is Xiaomi, and with the Mi 11, that approach doesn’t appear to change. Still, don’t count it out just yet because the CEO has asked fans if they’ll be willing to splurge a whopping $1,500 for a phone.

Xiaomi CEO Also Asks What a Phone at This Price Should Look Like

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, took to Weibo to ask the company’s loyal customer base if they would be willing to purchase a $1,500 phone. Considering that devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 are offered at a jaw-dropping $1,999 price tag, perhaps it’s not too ridiculous of Lei Jun to ask such a question. Though he asks followers about a 10,000 Yuan phone purchase, using direct currency conversion, the price comes to $1,548.

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He also asks what should a $1,500 phone from Xiaomi look like. Well, for one thing, it shouldn’t look anything less than immaculate. The question from the CEO may hint that the phone maker could be teasing a premium smartphone in the future, but in order to do that, the executive might be wanting to gauge the response of its customer base first. Keep in mind that $1,500 for a phone is still ludicrous, but premium handsets touting a four-figure asking price has become commonplace.

Perhaps we might see a more refined version of Xiaomi’s ‘wrap-around’ MIX Alpha flagship, which ended up being just a concept. Then there’s the question of seeing the company’s first foldable smartphone, and looking at the state of such devices in 2021, their price tag will continue to be abnormally high for quite some time.

If Xiaomi ends up releasing a $1,500 phone, do let us know down in the comments how it might look.

Would you get a $1,500 phone from Xiaomi?

News Source: Weibo