XCOM 2 Shows Mobile Base ‘Avenger’ In New Gameplay Trailer

2K Games shared a new gameplay video of XCOM 2 today, showing the new mobile base called Avenger.

You'll be able to check the improved strategy layer of the game, while also taking a look at how to configure the mobile headquarters and how to manage resources and research, customize and recruit soldiers, upgrade weapons, armor and various abilities. This time, the goal is to liberate Earth and free mankind from the new alien overlords.

While Firaxis mentioned that console versions might happen in the future, XCOM 2 is focused on PC for its launch, set for this November. As a result, there will be a proper modding kit for the commuity to play with and to expand the base game.

The development team also worked hard to improve randomization. Procedural generation will make sure that levels are always at least slightly different from each other, thanks to varying objectives, dynamic time of day and weather. Moreover, floors and structures are now destructible.

XCOM 2 has a strong PC focus and will ship with modding tools

XCOM 2 will feature multiplayer too, but details on what's changed in this mode from Enemy Unknown/Within are still scarce.

Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated all the way until launch.

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