[UPDATE – Full Image] Xbox One Slim First Image Surfaces Online, First Details

Francesco De Meo
Xbox One

[Update] The full Xbox One Slim image has surfaced online, confirming some additional details.

[Original Story]During its E3 2016 conference, which will be held tomorrow, Microsoft is apparently going to show new hardware as well as new games. The rumored upgraded Xbox One isn't the only new hardware currently in development, as Microsoft should also revealed a slimmer Xbox One.

While the Xbox One Slim has yet to be confirmed, it seems like the console is indeed real, according to a few leaks. A few hours ago, an image of the Xbox One Slim has surfaced online, revealing how the new console is going to look.

Additionally, insider thuway has revealed some additional details on the Xbox One Slim, confirming width, ports and more.

Half the machine is solid white, the other half is textured like you see in the pic. The width is two controllers side by side. The very bottom has that black bezel with a USB in one side and the IR on the other.

A few weeks ago, rumors on Microsoft's plans regarding future Xbox hardware have surfaced online, revealing the Xbox 1.5, which is apparently going to be able to output at 4K with a major focus on apps, and the next Xbox console, known as Scorpio, which is going to be based on a new architecture. The nex Xbox console may not be revealed during the E3, as rumors stated that its reveal may be coming during Spring 2017.

With Microsoft's E3 2016 conference being less than 24 hours away, it won't take too long to learn more about the Xbox One Slim and other hardware. We will let you know more about it as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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