New Xbox Console Based On New Architecture To Be Revealed During Spring 2017 – Rumor

Xbox One

With the E3 right behind the corner, Sony and Microsoft are getting ready for announcement that will surprising gamers all over the world. Rumors of upgraded PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles have been circulating for some time, and today more rumored details have surfaced on Microsoft's plans regarding future Xbox machines.

Brad Sams has revealed some new information on the future of Xbox in a new livestream, which also covered other Microsoft related topics such as Windows Phone and more. According to what he knows, Microsoft is planning quite a few new machines, starting with an Xbox streaming stick not too different from Chromecast and an Xbox TV similar to the Apple TV.

Things get quite more interesting with the details of two other consoles: the Xbox 1.5 is apparently real, according to Brad Sams, and it will be revealed later this year. This updated Xbox One console will apparently be able to output at 4K, with a major focus on apps. The true next Xbox console is apparently going to be revealed during Spring 2017, and it will be a VR enabled console based on a new architecture. Lastly, Microsoft is also planning to release a new Xbox controller, which should be a minor revision of the currently available controllers, and to launch the Xbox One interface on PC, with a fully share ecosystem. The latter is hardly surprising, considering how Microsoft has been trying to bridge the gap between consoles and PC in recent times.

As it usually is with these leaks, we must take everything with a grain of salt until official announcements come in. Brad Sams has proven to be a reliable source in the past, so there's the chance that what he has revealed today is indeed real. We will keep you updated on all these new Xbox releases as soon as official announcements come in, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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