Next-gen Xbox Scarlett Announced at E3 2019; Features Custom AMD Zen 2 and Navi Processor With 8K Visuals

Aernout van de Velde
Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft has finally announced its next-generation Xbox console during its 2019 E3 press conference.

Codenamed Project Scarlett, Microsoft intends to launch the new console in holiday 2020 and is said to offer around 4 times the power of the Xbox One X. “The console should be optimized for one thing and one thing only,” Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said. “Gaming.”

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Project Scarlett with sport a custom AMD "Zen 2 and Navi processor and will be able to support framerates up to 120 frames per second and 8K visuals. In addition, Spencer mentioned that the console will support next-gen Ray Tracing technology and it will pack a new generation SSD that is said to greatly increase loading times by 40x times over the current generation consoles.  Microsoft’s new console will also use the SSD as virtual memory. We've included the Xbox Scarlett reveal trailer down below:


Introducing Project Scarlett. Unmatched power and speed ushers in a new level of game play performance and the future of gaming. With four generations of content that looks and feels unlike anything before. Launching with Halo Infinite Holiday 2020

Like the current Xbox One console, Project Scarlett will be backwards compatible and will support four generations of Xbox content – most likely, the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and next-gen.

Last but not least, Xbox Scarlett will release next year with the new Halo installment, Halo Infinite.

Microsoft already teased Xbox Scarlett through some E3 2019 countdown videos.

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