Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Seem to be Impressed with the Xbox Series X; Calls Out Phil Spencer

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Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to call out Xbox head Phil Spencer following a tweet about the upcoming Xbox Series X, or simply 'Xbox'.

Microsoft’s Executive President of Gaming took to Twitter to respond to an article from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry on the next-gen Xbox, the Series X. In the article, Eurogamer mentions that the power increase for the Series X over the original Xbox One and Xbox One X is likely achieved through increased processor frequency instead of transistor density. According to Moore’s Law, transistor density on a microchip should double about every two years, but this ‘pace’ appears to be slowing down.

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“Transistor density is unlikely to have doubled, meaning that the primary route forward for increased performance is frequency - and lots of it”, Digital Foundry wrote. “Increasing clock-speeds gets more performance and therefore more value from the silicon, but the harder you push, the more power you need. And the more power you need, the more heat you produce - necessitating innovation in terms of thermal dissipation.”

Phil Spencer tweeted that, while Moore’s Law is seemingly slowing down, performance ambitions increase, and as such, design innovations are required. “As Moore's law slows and our perf ambitions increase it leads to design innovation”, the Xbox head tweeted. “Software innovations like VRS will also be critical  - Xbox Series X rewrites the rules of console design - and the power level should be extraordinary.”

Gearbox founder and Borderland co-creator, Randy Pitchford, doesn’t seem to be impressed with the Xbox Series X so far and called out Spencer following his tweet.


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In a follow-up tweet, Pitchford said that he wants the next Xbox to be as powerful as it can be.

“There’s nothing more than my comment”, he tweeted. “I love Phil and am grateful for his leadership. I want the next Xbox to be as powerful as it can be and I want to hear platform leadership carrying aspirational and ambitious technology goals that benefit customers and developers.”

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you believe that Pitchford has a point? Hit the comments below.

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