Xbox One PUBG Patch 13 Optimizes World Loading Alongside Performance Improvements and Other Optimizations


Bluehole and Microsoft are rolling out Xbox One PUBG patch 13 today, which offers various performance improvements and optimizations.

Yesterday we already reported that optimizations for both Erangel and Miramar were planned to be deployed on the game’s live servers soon, and it seems the PUBG Xbox One development team has delivered.

PUBG Xbox One Miramar Update 13 Arrives Next Week Alongside; Improves Performance as Well

The new patch for Microsoft’s console is planned to go live today at 1am PDT/ 10am CEST/5pm KST. We’ve included the official release notes for patch #13 below:

Xbox One PUBG Patch 13 content:

These optimization and performance improvements have been proven to be effective on the PUBG test server, so we’re bringing them over to live servers now.

  • The free-fall and parachuting process has been optimized, leading to performance improvements during the initial stages of each game.
  • World loading has been optimized. “Play-doh” and interior prop pop-in effects have been improved.
  • Movement data for nearby but out-of-sight players is now handled in a more efficient manner, resulting in general performance improvements.
  • Similarly, when nearby but out-of-sight players equip or unequip items, this process is handled in a more efficient manner. This helps with performance and crashes throughout the game.
  • The inventory has been optimized, improving response time when opening it and solving some crashing issues.
  • Uninhabited boats and vehicles were causing some performance issues, and we’ve resolved this issue.


After long play sessions (three or more hours) on the standard Xbox One and the Xbox One S, the game sometimes crashes. This has been a problem for some time, and we hope to solve it soon. In the meantime, there’s a simple workaround you can use. Simply restart the app every couple of hours if you plan on playing a longer play session.

In addition, Bluehole writes that more details about testing on the Xbox Test Server will be announced soon.