Xbox App Update For iOS Will Soon Allow Game Streaming From Xbox One


Microsoft is working on a new update to its Xbox app for iPhone and iPad which will let users stream games to their device to play remotely. The update will work with existing Xbox One consoles and will likely be updated once the new consoles become available.

The update to the Xbox app will be similar to PlayStation 4's Remote Play feature which has been available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Macs for a long time. As per The Verge, players will be able to access games, that they already own on their Xbox One console, over Wi-Fi, and even cellular networks. The console will be remotely turned on or off by the app, and will not make any noise or light up, when remotely accessed.

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This functionality will be great for users who own an Xbox and a collection of games, as they can easily grab their iOS device and an Xbox controller to continue playing from anywhere. However, this feature will be different to xCloud, which does not require users to even own an Xbox. xCloud is meant to allow users to play games directly from Microsoft's servers, by streaming them to their mobile device. For now, there is no indication of when Microsoft will be able to work with Apple's restrictions regarding game streaming.

Along with the remote play, the Xbox app update for iOS will also feature the same new design and performance updates that were recently released for its Android counterpart. Gamers will also be able to view and share game clips and screenshots from the app, and also party chat with friends across devices.

At the time of writing, the app update is being tested by Microsoft via Testflight. The beta is full at the moment so new users cannot join it and test the app. The update should be available for all users soon in the App Store.