Xbox App Update For iOS Brings Xbox One Game Streaming To iPhone And iPad


The latest Xbox app update finally brings support for game streaming from Xbox One to iPhone and iPad over a local network or over the Internet. This is similar to PS4 Remote Play app, which also supports game streaming from PlayStation 4 to iOS devices.

Microsoft had been testing game streaming with beta testers for the last few weeks and has finally released the feature for all Xbox One users. At the moment, the app supports game streaming from Xbox One, but it is expected to work with the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S once they ship to customers next month.

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Along with remote play capabilities over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, the app also has a design. It also allows viewing and sharing game clips and screenshots, as well as party chat with friends directly from the mobile app. When using the app to remotely play games, it keeps the Xbox into a silent mode, which means that the console will not make any noise or light up. Once the remote play session is completed, it will go back to standby mode. As long as the Xbox is connected to an always-on Internet connection, it will be accessible remotely. You just need to connect your iPhone or iPad to 5G, LTE, or Wi-Fi network, and connect your Xbox controller to your iOS device to start playing.

Here are the complete release notes for the new Xbox app update:

-Set up new consoles and queue games

-Play remotely from your console

-View and share game clips & screenshots

-Party chat with friends across devices

The new Xbox app update should not be confused with the xCloud game streaming feature that has been a point of contention between Microsoft and Apple. xCloud is intended to allow game streaming remotely from Microsoft's servers, without the need of an Xbox console. Subscribers can already use xCloud via the Xbox app on Android, but this feature is missing from the iOS app as Apple does not allow the feature in its current state because of its App Store policies.

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