New ‘Revolutionary’ iPhone Design Features a Renowned French Designer ?

Shocking title, isn't it?, that is exactly how it was meant to be ! How could apple lag behind while rumors of Samsung's latest Galaxy S3, dubbed as the 'iPhone killer', have taken over the internet like jungle fire. But unlike the rumors relating to the S3, the iPhone's one are much more believable because of the diverse evidence supporting them. Rejoice iPhone fanatics because according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, an entirely new, restructured iPhone is just around the corner. It will feature a 4-inch display in a sleek unibody case with LTE connectivity and is expected to land in stores by the third quarter of this year.

While meeting with supply chain players in China, White said:

"In our view, this will be the most significant iPhone upgrade with a four-inch screen and a new, sleek look that we believe will require a Unibody case,” White added. “This new, sleek look will be the most important reason that consumers decide to upgrade to the iPhone 5, while we believe the addition of 4G will also attract buyers of the new device. We believe the iPhone 5 ramp for the December quarter could be extraordinary, dwarfing previous launches and driving the stock closer to our $1,001 price target."

Tech blog 9to5Mac reports that Apple is currently testing a prototype of its next-generation iPhone that includes 1GB of RAM and Apple’s latest dual-core A5X processor, the same chipset found in the new iPad. Apple also plans to completely redesign the antenna system in its new iPhone to counter the 'death-grip' issue.

An evidence supporting these rumors is the induction of eminent French designer Philippe Starck in to the senior ranks of Apple's hierarchy. Apple had to come up with someone who could fill the creative gap created due to the sad demise of Steve Jobs and Starck was the best they could find. He isn't well known in our part of the world but he is probably the best known designer in the New Design style. Speaking during an interview with a French TV show, Starck disclosed that he is collaborating with Apple on a 'revolutionary' project and that it will "be out in eight months”.  We expect this new project to be iPhone 5 but for all we know it may well be some kind of a new flat-panel 'iTV' !

Typically, we don't hear such disclosures about Apple's new products from an Apple representative as Apple tends to be very secretive about its new projects and Starck might have incurred the wrath of Apple's higher executives by doing so.

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