Xbox One Controller Update Fixes ‘Quick Connect’ For NXE Users


It appears a new update for the Xbox One controller has appeared for those who are in Microsoft's Xbox Preview Program, using the New Xbox Experience (NXE).

Players aren't exactly sure on what the update includes, but according players on both Reddit and Neogaf, the update fixes some connection issues that members using the NXE were having.

NXE were unable to 'quick connect' their controller to the Xbox One after a new update rolled out. This firmware update (2.3.2381.0) seems to fix that issue. After the update, NXE users were again able to connect their controller to the Xbox One within mere seconds.

The 'quick connect' feature for the Xbox One controller, was introduced through the Xbox One February update:

Controller improvements – We’re excited to improve stability and speed on the Xbox One controller in the following ways:

  • Quick Connect – Previously, controller connections to Xbox One took approximately four-to-five seconds when powering on a controller. Now, it will only take about two seconds.
  • Stability improvements – The update also provides a number of fixes that address some of the controller disconnect issues reported by Xbox One owners.

Unfortunately the firmware update, doesn't introduce the recently confirmed button mapping function, which was confirmed by Microsoft's Mike Ybarra last week. Ybarra said that eventually all Xbox One controller will receive a custom button assignment, a feature that had been only confirmed for the Xbox One Elite Controller.