WoW Classic Releasing After 2021, Blizzard’s Former World of Warcraft 3D Level Designer Believes


Blizzard’s former World of Warcraft 3D Level Designer, Jonathan Staats, believes that WoW Classic will release after 2021.

That’s what Staats, who is responsible for half of Vanilla WoW's instanced dungeons, and 90% of its non-instanced dungeons, said during a Classic World of Warcraft AMA on the ClassicWoW Reddit.

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“If Classic comes out...I'm guessing after 2021. MMOs are tough, they take a lot of time and testing”, the level designer replied when asked about Classic’s release.

An interesting reply since Staats seems to imply that it might even be a question whether WoW Classic will be released at some point at all. Blizzard announced its vanilla server option for World of Warcraft at last year’s BlizzCon event. Details about Classic have been scarce and so far we only knew that the project heavily relies on community feedback and will be based on patch 1.12. Recent reports suggest that the game will use the original character models and animations from 2004.

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