New WoW Classic Hotfix Changes Realm Population Label System; Realm Population Now Measured Against Realm’s Max Capacity


Blizzard has released a new WoW Classic hotfix that changes how the realm population labels work.

According to Blizzard, the change was implemented to display population on a particular realm in a more meaningful way. Prior to this hotfix, realm population was calculated by all realms to the most-populated realm. “This could result in a very crowded realm (with a lengthy queue) showing up as “Medium” since it was being compared to the realm that had the highest population and a potentially massive queue”, Blizzard explains.

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The new system now measures the current population on a realm to the maximum capacity of that realm. “Medium indicates a healthy total population on a realm – well in excess of what we considered Full in a 2006 – with room for more players to log-in”, Blizzard writes. “You’ll now see a High label if the realm is close to having a queue, and a Full label if the realm currently has a queue.”

World of Warcraft Classic was launched yesterday and Blizzard has already opened numerous new realms to spread population in order to prevent severe queues.