Blizzard Posts World of Warcraft Classic Beta Update; Oceanic, French and German Realms Announced

Aernout van de Velde
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Blizzard has posted a World of Warcraft Classic Beta status update and has announced the arrival of Oceanic, French and German realms.

Last month we reported that Blizzard’s vanilla World of Warcraft server option will have English and Russian realms in Europe, but it has now been confirmed that there will also be German and French realms following a high degree of interest and passionate feedback from the community.

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“After further review and consideration of your feedback, we will launch WoW Classic in the European region with French and German realms, in addition to the expected English and Russian realms”, Blizzard writes. “This will allow WoW Classic players in Europe who wish to communicate with others in French or German to start in those languages from day one.”

World of Warcraft players in the Oceania region will be happy to learn that Blizzard will also launch Oceanic realms to be able to connect to servers that are hosted in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

In other WoW Classic related news – Blizzard has announced that the ongoing closed beta will end next week on July 12, and that a final stress test will take place on July 25-26 to test servers ahead of Classic’s global release next month. In addition, a small in-game event is being planned to end the closed beta on July 12.

“As for what’s next, the final stress test is now coming up on July 25-26 (we’ve changed this date since we first announced it)”, Blizzard’s post reads. “During that global test, we will roll out our multi-region hardware in preparation for the worldwide release of WoW Classic. In addition to getting many more testers to play through the initial leveling experiences, it will be a test of the fixes and tweaks that we’ve made and are making to the game.”

“We’re planning a small in-game event to end the closed beta on July 12. We’ll see you there, and we’ll post reminders for you just before the stress test, as well as reminders in August as we gather for name reservations and ultimately for the release of WoW Classic.”

World of Warcraft Classic is slated for a release on August 27.

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