Get the World’s Smallest 61W PD Charger for Just $25.99 With RAVPower’s Black Friday Promo


Writing this while being on the road for over 5 weeks is putting things in some perspective. No matter how much you try to pack light, things somehow end up getting out of hand. While smartphone sizes are getting bigger, it's a relief that accessory makers are being considerate. RAVPower is no stranger to the accessories industry. The company has managed to gain quite a loyal fanbase for its products, which isn't surprising considering its consistent streak of delivering quality products.

Earlier this year, RAVPower released the world's smallest 61W GaN wall charger, which is half the size of Apple's. While an obvious choice for phone users, this new PD Pioneer 61W Wall Charger is also an absolutely perfect choice for MacBook users with its dramatically smaller design. The charger officially went on sell for over $40 but thanks to Black Friday 2019 promotions, it's now down to $25.99 only!

The new charger attracts your attention first because of its size. At 1.9 × 1.9 × 1.2 inches, we aren't going to fight RAVPower over its claim of this being the smallest charger. But as they say about perfect things coming in small packages, RAVPower 61W GaN Charger delivers big on performance.

It uses the PI chip to identify what type of device you have plugged in so that it can deliver fast and efficient power. RAVPower charges your smartphone up to 2.5x faster than a standard 1A charger while also charging laptops like 13-inch MacBook Pro to 100% in a mere 2.1 hours.

Lugging around the Apple charger for MacBook Pro with me along with a charger for my iPhone and a different one for my OnePlus 7 Pro, I think RAVPower is going to replace all those 3 in my next trip, creating some much needed space in my backpack.

Thanks to Black Friday 2019 promo, you can now get this tiny little GaN 61W PD Charger for just $25.99

Here are some highlights of RAVPower 61W PD charger:

  • GaN tech & PI chipset make the charger 50% smaller than a standard 61W MacBook charger.
  • Slim enough to carry anywhere.
  • Components will keep cool, reduce power wastage and maximize charging efficiency to over 93% based on the tech advantage.
  • 61W output, high up to charge your 13” MacBook Pro to 100% in a couple of hours and charge iPhones 2 hours faster than industry standard. (C to C Cable is necessary when quick charge as USB adapter will not be able to trigger the PD protocol)
  • Friendly to various PD devices from smartphones to laptops.
  • TUV certified with built-in safeguards to protect against overcharging, overheating & short circuiting.
  • What You Get: RAVPower 61W PD GaN USB C wall charger (cable not included), User Guide, 24-hour customer service and 18-month warranty (Get lifelong warranty by registering the product on RAVPower website).

Head over to this link to get RAVPower 61W PD GaN PD wall charger for $25.99 in the Black Friday 2019 promotions. No codes, no fuss!

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