World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 Build 22636 On Its Way On PTR; Shadowform Returns, Auction House Changes & More


A new World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 build is on its way to the PTR. Build highlights are improvements to the Auction House, tweaks to leveling abilities.

Legion Patch 7.1, “Return to Karazhan”, went live on the PTR last week, and featured the Trial of Valor raid and the new Karazhan 5-man dungeon. Blizzard later detailed the raid and dungeon schedule on the PTR, stating that they would treat the Karazhan dungeon as a ‘normal’ raid.

Earlier this week, the first PvP season and the expansion’s first raid, “The Emerald Nightmare”, opened up on the live servers, but Blizzard is already deploying a new build to its PTR servers. Build highlights are as follows (thanks to WoWHead).

  • New to this build are some Auction House improvements:
    • AUCTION_TOOLTIP_BID_PREFIX: PBid price per unit:
  • There are also strings reflecting the 7.1 Prestige Change - you will not lose your Honor Talents while prestiging up. Other strings cover social queue options for battlegrounds, heroic dungeons, arena skirmishes, raids, World PvP.
  • This build only has a handful of items, the most interesting is  Slightly Burnt Food. Nomi is improving at cooking!
  • New items also include some relics like  Viscous Terror and the junk item  Chipped Tea Cup
  • More tweaks to leveling abilities are in this build, such as Sinister Strike making a return as a low-level ability rogues get instead of Mutilate.
  • Finally, Shadowform has returned for Shadow Priests!

There are quite some changes, and we suggest checking out the post from WoWhead, which has all the changes nicely listed.

World of Warcraft: Legion was released last month, and according to Blizzard, the sixth expansion has been a tremendous success. On its first day out, the game sold 3.3 million copies, and the number of active players soared.