World Of Warcraft Legion Expansion Pushes Player Count To Its “Highest” In “Recent Memory”


The reception of the World of Warcraft Legion expansion “has blown” Blizzard away, and according to the developer, concurrent player count has been pushed to its highest “in recent memory”.

While each new World of Warcraft expansion pushed player count in some way, the Legion expansion is “something for the books” according to Blizzard.

"We knew this expansion was going to be something for the books, but reception has just blown us away," Blizzard said during a PAX stream. "The early reviews are coming in, they're really positive. Fan reception has been phenomenal.

"Concurrency - we've had to check and triple check our numbers, because it's the highest they've been in recent memory. Several years, for sure."

Blizzard is referring to the number of players logged in at the same time, not the amount of active subscribers. World of Wacraft´s user base peaked around 2010, but has been declining ever since. Following the release of Warlords of Draenor in 2014, subscriptions increased for a few months, but have been declining since 2015 once again. Let’s hope that the WoW community keeps embracing the Legion expansion.

While the WoW Legion expansion has only been out for a week, Blizzard already detailed the expansion’s first patch – Return To Karazhan. If you’re interested in the contents of that patch, check out the post right here.

Source: PCGamesN