WoW: Legion Patch 7.1 PTR Dungeon And Raid Testing: Karazhan Treated Like A Normal-mode Raid


WoW: Legion patch 7.1 went live on the Public Test Realm (PTR) last week, and Blizzard is currently busy testing raid and dungeon content.

As reported last month, patch 7.1 for the Legion expansion reintroduces the Karazhan raid as a large 5-man dungeon. World of Warcraft veterans will remember this epic raid from the Burning Crusade expansion, and all nine bosses will be making their comeback. Players will still be able to enter the original Karazhan raid instance, but a new entrance will be made available for Karazhan in its dungeon-form.

On the official Blizzard forums, community manager Aerythlea has posted the testing plans for patch 7.1 on the PTR.

This is an unusual PTR, in that we don't typically have fresh dungeon and raid content to test when a new expansion has just launched, but then again, Legion isn't exactly the typical expansion.

For testing purposes, we'll be treating Karazhan like a Normal-mode raid, since that's what it resembles in most ways except raid size. That means it'll be closed for the majority of the PTR cycle, but we'll open it up at least a couple of times for a couple of days (without any attunement required, though one will be on live - for testing you'll be able to just zone in) at a time for open-ended testing and feedback.

We also have Trial of Valor to test, as well as a few Nighthold bosses we'll want to revisit for numerical tuning. We realize that most raiding guilds are going to have their hands quite full starting next week, but we're going to try to sneak in one raid testing day on Monday (probably around 1pm PDT, 10pm CEDT). We'll update with exact testing details within a day or so, assuming server stability holds up.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of the team for all this content and thank you in advance for any time you take away from the live servers in order to help us test it.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now for PC. The expansion's 1st PvP Season kicked off today alongside Legion's first raid - The Emerald Nightmare.