World of Warcraft: Legion PvP Season 1 Starts Today; Emerald Nightmare & Mythic+ Dungeons This Week


World of Warcraft: Legion PvP Season 1 will kick off today, while the expansion’s first raid and Mythic+ dungeons will open later this week.

Legion’s first PvP season starts today, and will be shorter than previous seasons. The gladiator gear that players will be able to earn uses Tier 19 models, and two new arena’s have been added to this season, Ashamane's Fall and Black Rook Hold. This season will reward Gladiator’s with the Vindictive Gladiator's Storm Dragon.

Later this week, The Emerald Nightmare, Legion’s first raid, will open up. This will include the normal and heroic versions of the raid. The raid will be open for US players on September 20, while EU players will be able to enter on September 21.

The Emerald Dream was created by the titans as a blueprint for Azeroth itself—a verdant and perfect mirror that reflects the state of nature had it remained unspoiled by so-called civilization. For many years the druids and keepers who are closest to nature have noticed signs of an unsettling presence stirring within the Dream. Spurred on by the Legion and Nightmare Lord Xavius, that creeping corruption has now burst forth, and will engulf all of Azeroth if it is not rooted out at its source.

Mythic+ dungeons also open up this week. Dungeon rewards scale up alongside its difficulty.

In other news, Legion’s first World Bosses will begin spawning this week as well. In total there will be 11 bosses, but only some of them will be active each week. All world bosses will drop item level 860 gear for a specific slot, a relic, and trinket, ring, neck, or back item.

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Source: [MMO-Champion]