World War Z Season 2 Roadmap Revealed, Includes Crossplay Support, New Missions, More

World War Z has been a solid success for developer Saber Interactive, enough so that they’re now working on another season of post-launch content. Much like the first round of free DLC, Season 2 will include additional missions in existing locations, a new zombie type, mode, and more! Oh, and as a bonus, the game's core PvE missions will also be getting full crossplay support. Nice! You can check out the full Season 2 roadmap below (click on the image for full resolution).

World War Z

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Saber Interactive shares a first look at the roadmap for the second season of free content coming to World War Z, the best-selling action-packed co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. Fans can expect a huge variety of new goodies in the coming months, including:

  • Two challenging new PvE missions set in Moscow and New York.
  • The highly anticipated introduction of a wave-based horde mode – Horde Mode Z.
  • A dangerous new zombie type.
  • PvE crossplay support.
  • The ability to prestige rank up for new weapon skins and perks.
  • A fiery new weapon and new cosmetic items.

Haven’t tried out World War Z yet? You should really consider giving the game a shot, as I found it to be an entertaining, if occasionally rough, co-op shoot ‘em up in my full review

World War Z is a surprisingly fresh take on the well-trodden Left 4 Dead formula. While a bit rough around the edges and nowhere near as groundbreaking as Valve’s series, World War Z is a confident co-op shooter that turns the intensity to 11 without being overwhelming or obnoxious. If you think you’ve got the stamina, this war is worth enlisting for.

World War Z is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Season 2 is set to kick off later this year.

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