Blizzard Comments on World of Warcraft Leveling Speed in Battle for Azeroth Pre-patch 8.0

Blizzard has commented on the World of Warcraft leveling speed since the introduction of the Battle for Azeroth 8.0 pre-patch.

The 8.0 pre-patch launch hasn’t been the smoothest, and Blizzard has already deployed various hotfixes to address the apparent account, login and stat squish issues.

Players have also shared their concerns about the slow speed of leveling since the pre-patch, and in a new blue post on the game’s official forums, community manager ‘Ythisens’ addressed some these concerns. We’ve included the largest part of that post below:

Blizzard Makes WoW Leveling Faster for All Levels From 40-100 through Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 Hotfix

Since the pre-patch we've made a large number of hotfixes and changes to leveling content, and are continuing to find and fix bugs wherever possible. The intention was never to make leveling slower than it was in 7.3.5.

If you're still finding it slower that it was a couple of weeks ago after those hotfixes, specifics about where you are, what you're fighting, and what spec you're playing would be extremely helpful for identifying any remaining issues.

There is also a bit of weirdness at the moment with mob HP once you reach Legion content. Essentially due to de-powering the Artifact, we needed to make outdoor Legion mobs weaker than earlier content; otherwise, max level players would find themselves suddenly having a much harder time with outdoor world content such as World Quests. The development team realizes that this is resulting in a very jarring experience moving from Draenor to the Broken Isles, and plans to adjust Legion content to be more in-line with where it should be as leveling content in a future patch.

What’s your experience with leveling following the launch of the pre-patch? Hit the comments below.

Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion, launches next month on August 14.