Ubisoft Allows World in Conflict Multiplayer To Go Open Source

Ubisoft just announced that they'll release the code of World in Conflict's multiplayer to the community.

The awesome people over at http://www.massgate.org/ took it upon themselves to maintain the online experience of the game and build a community around it, a journey that started in 2015. Their efforts and passion have inspired us to give back to you, the community, and what better time to do so. World in Conflict is currently free until December 23rd, head over to www.ubisoft.com/happyplaydays to redeem it now.

To continue the holiday celebration we are extremely excited to go one step further and share the open source for Massgate on Github!

World in Conflict Massgate


Massgate is the central server for the Massive Entertainment game World in Conflict that manages the online functionality such as keeping track of dedicated game servers, user accounts, clans, ladders etc. The original game was released in 2007, and the official Massgate server was shut down in 2016. To make it possible to continue to play World in Conflict online the source code of Massgate is now open source, making it possible for anyone to host their own Massgate server.

The code itself is more or less the same as how the code looked like back when the game is released. Only minor tweaks have been made to make it build on a relative modern compiler and to remove the necessity to manage CD-keys. Not much of the code has survived into later releases done by Massive Entertainment and does not really reflect the code of the company today, apart from the code standard and the general look and feel of the code. As a piece of game development history, and for anyone interested in how online servers were written at the time, it can definitely be a point of interest.

As a reminder, World in Conflict, developed by Massive Entertainment before it was acquired by Ubisoft, can be unlocked via UPlay for free until December 23rd alongside Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs.

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Also, if you want to hear more about the aforementioned Massgate initiative, you can find a podcast featuring Massive Entertainment's Johan Oldbring right here.

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