Achtung! Wccftech Community Forum Survey

Jeff Williams

We're looking to see if there is any interest in having our own community forum. A strong and supportive community is a great thing. We already have a great comments section filled with great discussion and of course the occasional not so nice exchange as well. But we want to be able to provide something more than just the typical disqus experience, something more complete. And of course it'll be moderated.

Who wants to see a Wccftech community forum of our own?

We're looking for a way to improve this wonderful community of ours by maybe adding a community forum of our very own. So we're reaching out to you guys to see if there's any interest whatsoever.

We could really add a lot here, with the helpful community expanding to post great tutorials, us doing the same and a new level of interaction. So, what doth thou say?

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