First Major Post-Launch Windows 10 Update Launching in November; Redstone in 2016

Rafia Shaikh

Microsoft keeps sending updates carrying bug fixes and security patches to Windows 10. These cumulative updates bring fixes for minor issues with no focus on new features or functionality improvements. The company has been working on the first major non-patch update for the operating system known as Threshold 2 or Wave 2. This Th2 update was earlier expected to be rolled out to Windows 10 devices in October, however, seems like the release date has probably shifted to a later date.

Originally supposed to be launched in October, the "release window may have slipped ever so slightly," according to the sources of WinBeta. Threshold 2 will now reportedly launch in early November instead of October. This obviously gives the company more time to work on optimization and testing of any new features that would be introduced in the first major post-launch update. Another interesting development reported is the new terms being used inside Redmond for this build.

Threshold 2 is being referred to as "Windows Update for November" or "Windows 10 November Update" internally and with close partners. The report, however, does not confirm if this is the name that Microsoft will use while releasing the update to the consumers as it could very well just roll it out as any other regular Windows 10 update.

Threshold 2 builds are being tested by Windows Insiders for the past several weeks. This Wave focuses on feature optimizations, a universal Messaging app for desktop, performance enhancements, and extensions for Microsoft Edge, as shared with you earlier. The changes will be few and small as significant improvements and feature introductions are all saved for a later update called 'Redstone' scheduled for 2016. Right after the release of Windows 10 in July, we had shared the details of these tentative updates with our readers:

Microsoft is working on a bigger update tentatively scheduled for October. October’s update may bring in more feature additions to Windows 10 including a “new Messaging app to provide Skype integration and [Chrome-like] extensions support for the Microsoft Edge browser.” Insiders will start receiving new builds to test these additions and features before they are released to the public. [...]

Apart from Windows 10 Service Release 1 and a bigger update planned for October, Microsoft is also working on a “redstone” wave of releases for Windows 10 that will add more features in 2016. While existing built-in app updates will roll out regularly over the coming months, Redstone may introduce new apps as part of two summer and fall updates due next year.


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