Windows 10 Will Now Allow You to Sample Apps and Games Before You Download Them


Just like Android, Windows too will now let you sample apps before you decide to download or buy them. Microsoft announced its plans to bring "Playable Ads" to Windows 10 last week, after which the program preview launched in the Windows Dev Center.

"The information contained in the product description page is not always complete and the experience a user can get from the actual app usage can potentially differ a lot,"  Microsoft wrote in the announcement post. "This sometimes leads to a quick uninstall if the promise of the product description pages is not met."

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What are Windows 10 Playable Ads? 3 minutes of engaging promotion

Playable Ads will enable users to first interact with ads and apps before they decide to install it. "With this capability, end users never leave the current app," since a click on the advertisement will result in inline expandable app streaming. Using this feature, advertisers and app developers can create an experience for end users for three minutes.

Developers can create an engaging experience during the first few minutes of a game to better explain its capabilities compared to screenshots.

"This gives the user time to decide if he or she wants to install the app," the company wrote. "At the end of the streaming session, users can click on a link to install the app if the app experience met expectations."

Once advertisers start to use the newly offered feature, Windows users should be able to test an app or game for three minutes just like a native app installed on their device. Wondering what the developers need to do to offer interested users a better promo of their apps and games? Nothing.

"As an end developer, you don’t have to do anything! No new packages, nothing," Microsoft wrote. "Microsoft does all the background work to give a seamless experience to the end users without you, the developer, having to change anything."

Just a few clicks, and you will be set with Playable Ads.

  • Click on Dashboard after logging in to your Windows Dev Center account.
  • Under the Main menu, click on the Promotions tab > New Campaign to create a new user acquisition campaign.
  • If you set the Device type to PC/Tablet and OS to Windows 10, the creative section will show a new call to action called Try Now.
  • Every ad campaign that you create with Try Now will automatically be created as Playable Ad campaigns.

For more information, please read this post.