Android Instant Apps Announced – Snippets Of Full Sized Apps That Can Be Run On The Fly

Uzair Ghani

Google gave Android N a lot of airtime at its opening I/O 2016 keynote. And towards the close of the presentation, Google shared with the world a brand new project it's working on for developers - Android Instant Apps.

Android Instant Apps Makes iOS Look Like A Thing Of The Past

Android Instant Apps is pure genius and something which we're certain everyone is going to love, especially developers. It works in an absolutely swift manner, and in a way which makes the competition look ancient.

Here's how it works - imagine a situation where someone sends you a link for something which requires you to have a particular app installed, but you don't have it on your device. Android will simply download a small bit of the app that is required from the Play Store, and will be presented to the user. And since it's only downloading a small module of that app, therefore everything happens really quickly and efficiently. You'll feel as if the app is already installed on your phone or tablet, that's how much seamless the experience is.

But, do keep in mind that in order for this to work developers must update their existing apps using the latest version of Android Studio. Depending on the type of app and work required, Google claims you can make your app ready in less than a day for Instant Apps. And yes, a cellular or WiFi network is required for Android Instant Apps to actually happen in the first place. After all, a part of an app is required to be downloaded, something which can't be done without a data connection.

Google hasn't given a clear timeframe when this feature will be rolled out for everyone to utilize. But given the fact that the company is aiming to release Android N by the end of this year, therefore packing Android Instant Apps alongside the big release sounds more feasible. But of course, there's a chance Google might have a change of heart and end up delaying things. But we have high hopes that the Big G will deliver everything on time.

It's somewhat sad that the competition didn't manage to come up with such a feature despite claiming major innovations at their events. We're looking at you, Apple. But since Google has embraced the idea, we're certain everyone else will follow suit at some point in time.

What's your take on Android Instant Apps? Do you think it's the next big thing for developers and consumers both?

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