Dona Sarkar: Night Light Will Come to Windows 10 Mobile When It’s the “Right Time”

Rafia Shaikh
Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update Windows 10 Mobile Night Light

Microsoft is adding a new Night Light feature to Windows 10 PCs with the Windows 10 Creators Update slated for an April release, currently being tested by Fast ring Insiders. When Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build last week, many were curious - and concerned - why the latest build was missing some key features for the Mobile. Some speculated whether the company was even planning to release certain features to mobile users.

Night Light for Windows 10 Mobile hasn't been dropped

In an interview to Neowin, the Windows Insider program’s chief Dona Sarkar clarified that improvements to Continuum and Night Light will come to Windows 10 Mobile when it's the "right time".

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They’re not in the builds yet. We’re still trying to figure out when is the right time for them to be in the builds. We do know that these features are very important, so we want to unveil them at the right time for the audience… For us, it’s all about the quality. We don’t want to add features when we don’t love the quality of the build yet, so we’d rather focus on building up quality than figuring out when to roll features.

When asked if the Windows 10 Mobile users will have to wait longer for these features, Sarkar said the team "would never ship to Insiders without giving it enough 'runway' to get the feedback."

We have to figure out timelines, right? We have to see first, how does that feature do on desktop? And if the feedback is good, we're like, okay, yeah - that seems like a good idea for Mobile as well. But if the feature doesn't get the kind of feedback that we need to say, okay, yeah, that's a feature that people love, that they're using, we're getting data on, then we wouldn't expand it to Mobile.

What we don't like to do is pull things out.

At this point, it looks very unlikely that Microsoft will bring Night Light and the Continuum improvements to Windows 10 Mobile with the Creators Update this summer.

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