KB4532695 Is Causing BSOD, Sound, and Driver Issues for Some Windows 10 Users

windows 10 november 2019 update windows 10 1909 KB4532695

Microsoft delivered a fresh new update to Windows 10 November 2019 Update and the May 2019 Update last week. KB4532695 promised to finally address the File Explorer search-related issues that Windows 10 1909 users have been experiencing since the release of this latest version of the desktop operating system.

While the update failed to bring fluidity to the experience with several users still reporting delays in the search experience, it now appears that this bug-fixing cumulative update may have brought several bugs of its own.

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Windows 10 1909 KB4532695 and the onslaught of issues

First reported by the folks at WinCentral, Microsoft’s fix for Windows 10 November 2019 Update File Explorer issues is causing blue screen of death (BSOD) for some users. BSOD isn't the only issue being reported as several users have also reported sound and performance issues on Microsoft forums. One user wrote:

This installed and now i do not have any sound. I have two different sources. HDMI cable and soundcard. neither works now. In device manager and sound settings is all good, no issues. just no sound. I have not changed anything, just updated windows and now no sound!! **** MICROSOFT!!! FIX YOUR ****!

Another Windows 10 1909 / 1903 user wrote:

yup im not sure if it was this update or not but it was one of the ones that came out this morning. It has totally disabled my sound from my soundblaster sound-card and my nvidia video card. I rolled everything back and my sound is still disabled. Maybe its the security update because i can't remove that.

Also I noticed it disabled my readyboost drives as well.

What a crock of poop! Not the way i wanted to spend my day thats for sure!!!

I am getting so fed up with windows I am thinking of switching Operating Systems to Linux. I am tired of MS bugs and failures wrecking my day, my projects and my life!

So looks like in order to get my sound back i'm going to have to reinstall windows!!! FFS! If thats what it comes to i'm done. if I have to go through all that I might as well just install linux.

oh and i've been a hardcore windows user since 1995. I even did tech support for MS back in 97, 98. So now you see what this BS has done.

One user shared their own experience of installing this latest Windows 10 cumulative update for version 1909 and 1903:

I have also lost my TPM Driver and now bitlocker is not working and I am constantly getting BSOD (Memory Management). Not expecting anything better from MS though.

From driver issues and BSOD to some users experiencing problems with their gaming centre software... just when we thought Microsoft has finally got a handle over update-related issues, it appears the company is back to delivering untested software updates that bring more bugs than fixes.

I have noticed my gaming center software has lost some keyboard functionality after this update (ex. keyboard lights tend to not work as intended and loses the auto show on screen that number lock has been enabled and caps lock and the like)

Fixes, workarounds... anything? Nothing yet

On the release notes, Microsoft is still saying it isn't currently aware of any issues with this update, which means official help on this isn't expected especially since this is an optional update.

On the Microsoft forums, one user said that they had to clean install Windows after trying to install this update and had to get help from Microsoft technical support on phone. Support team suggested that most of these issues are related to drivers, which has been a historic issue with Windows 10.

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"This mostly boiled down to a problem with drivers, and all the error codes I was getting from the BSOD were all driver related (so I was told by the helpful technician)," reads a user post. "Instead of me trying to update any driver, it was less time and hassle to do a clean reinstall of Windows, but quite a hassle none the less."

I would like to report that after doing a clean reinstall, downloading some key programs, countless restarts, it seems my computer is operating properly now. BUT, I still have hours of adjusting and reinstallations to do... All because of this Windows update! Albeit this was an optional update, so often it is asked 'Did you download the latest updates?'. This time around, it was a big mistake to keep things so up-to-date.

As we reported last week, Windows 10 1909 and 1903 cumulative update KB4532695 brings a long list of fixes and improvements, but it might be prudent to wait a bit on this. Microsoft is expected to deliver Patch Tuesday updates next week, and it's hoping those will bring a cleaner and hassle-free update experience.

Note that this was an optional, "non-security update" that focuses on "quality improvements," so you wouldn't be missing out on any emergency security patches and can afford to wait.

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